Quality has always been an overall requirement of our business. Therefore, ELBE Automatic AB ensure that their own quality will always comply with or exceed customer quality requirements and expectations. Our knowledge and machinery will ensure that the right level of quality is delivered. Therefore we are continuously adapting to technical developments and we continuously train our staff and employees.

Quality certification

We are certified according to UL-CSA, which means that we are authorised to build equipment for the US and Canadian markets. As Demko is our inspection body, at least four design inspections are carried out every year. Moreover, our instruments and dies are calibrated at least once per year by an accredited firm.

Environmental policy

As the golden idea of more efficient and safer production methods permeates our business, so does the green idea of an environmental approach and our focus on ecological and sustainable development.

Business idea / Mission

ELBE Automatic AB plan, manufacture, install and operate automation equipment.

– Our aim is to always use components that are recyclable and that do not contain hazardous substances.


– Creating business advantages for the company.

– We aim to reduce energy consumption through energy-saving tools, and invest in environmentally friendly electricity, such as our own wind turbines.

– We strive to reduce the use of hazardous products through the purchase of environmentally friendly products when that option is offered at a reasonable cost.

Key sentences

– Continuously reduce our environmental impact.

– Streamline the use of energy and deposits.

– Encourage all employees to actively participate in the company’s environmental goals.


We will:

– comply with environmental legislation in all relevant sections.

– evaluate the environmental impact of all new activities, components, packaging, transport and products in detail.

– identify and monitor environmental impact on the surrounding area caused by the company’s ongoing operations.

– use practices and action plans to check that the environmental policy is observed.

– Continuously inform and influence our customers and suppliers and set requirements so that we can jointly push our environmental work forward.

– Focus on waste management with a high recycling rate by recycling materials as much as possible.

– Control and reduce noise levels in buildings by using the right technology.