ELBE Automatic was founded in the early 80s by Bertil Erlandsson and since then has been mainly active in the fields of automatic control, electrical installation and industrial automation.

Our business has steadily grown and developed continuously since then. Over the years we have accumulated a broad knowledge base and deep expertise in our field. Today we are one of the leading companies in automatic control.

We run our operations from a complex of over 1,000 square metres and we have additional workspaces in which to grow and develop – this means that we are ready to take on the demands of the future. 2012 saw a generational shift when Bertil’s son, Håkan Erlandsson, took over.

We are a company with operations located in Annelöv on the plains of Scania (aka Skåne). We like the area for its excellent location, close to the dynamic and expansive development across the Öresund region.